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Your password controls access to your account, and so is vital to the security and confidentiality of your and the University's systems and data. 

Anything done using your account is your responsibility, so it is vital that you keep your password secure and never let anyone else - including IT - know what it is.

In fact, if you ever have any reason to suspect that someone else might know your password, you must change it immediately.

How to change your password.

The University uses a system called "Self Service Password Reset" or SSPR to allow you to quickly and easily change your own password at any time. This is vital to avoid delay and get your account secure immediately.

Of course, the SSPR system has to confirm it's really you wanting to change your password, so as well as asking for your old password, and using a CAPTCHA to check you are not a robot, it will also send a unique code to your mobile phone that must be typed in before it will allow a password change. 

It can send this message via SMS text, via an email to a personal email account set up on your phone, or - if you're high tech - by using a multi-factor authenticator app.

For this to work, though, we need to know your phone number and personal email address, and optionaly set up the authenticator app, so before you can use SSPR you need to have registered at​. We'll only ever use the information you provide to confirm your identity when you change your password.

Once you're registered, you can change your password in any web browser at