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Upload documents to Web-2-Print using the web interface. 


The Web-2-Print interface can be accessed by launching a web browser and going to the following link, log in, using your UWL login username and password: 



Note: You must be connected to UWL Wi-Fi eduroam  


Once there, you will notice that the web interface is split up into 3 different tabs: My Print Jobs, Web Print and My Printers. The following are instructions on how to use the features in each tab. 




The My Print Jobs tab includes an 'Upload Document To Print' section giving you the chance to browse for a file you wish to print and send it off to the Cloud printing queues. 


Uploading a document to the Web-2-Print portal is available on desktop and laptop computers, and on some smartphones, which have the following restrictions due to the operating systems they run: 


​iPhones and iPads only support uploading of picture files due to file browsing restrictions on those devices. 


Windows Phone version 8.0 does not support uploading of files through the web browser. Windows Phone version 8.1 does not have this restriction. 



Uploading a document for printing 


To send a document for printing using this tab, you would do the following:  

  1. Click on the 'Browse' button. 
  2. Select the document you wish to print. Please note, the only file formats supported by this service are ones for Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, Adobe PDFs and also image formats (JPG, GIF, PNG, TIF, and BMP). 
  3. Press 'Next' for the document to begin being processed. 
  4. Once the document’s status shows as ‘Awaiting release’ select Advance by selecting the check box. From here you can select number of copies, which pages to print or to change to mono printing (Black and White).   
  5. Once you are ready to release the document, simple click one the UWL Student Mobile Printer icon. 
  6. ​​Once the document's status shows as 'Printed', this simply means the job has been transferred to the 'Cloud - UWL Student Mobile printer ' queue and you should be able to go to one of the Xerox MFD printers to release the print job. The job is not charged until it is released on the printer itself, get to any Xerox MFD printer on campus within 24 hours to collect your print-job in the normal way. 



Web Print Tab


The Web Print tab includes option to send a particular webpage URL address directly as a print job. 

To use this feature, simply type in the address of the website you want printed and press 'Next' for it to be added to the 'Cloud - UWL Student Mobile printer ‘queues. 

Please make sure that the web address is accurate before sending it.